Harmony Polish Folk Ensemble is Western New York’s largest
Polish-American cultural and dance ensemble.


We meet Fridays at 6:30 p.m. at St. Gualbert’s/Kolbe School Gym. We currently have 63 members, age 4 and up.

Member fees are $10 individual and $20 family per month and members need not perform if they prefer not to. We include singing and have our own small folk kapela. We also have crafts/culture sessions that involve history, language, and Polish traditions.

Members do not have to be of Polish descent to be a part of the fun! Costumes are provided by the group.

Harmony Polish Folk Ensemble is proud sponsor of Dyngus Day Buffalo and Am Pol Eagle, and member of the PFDAA!

Harmony Polish Folk Ensemble’s mission is to promote & sustain Polish heritage within the family, through study and performance of the traditional folk dances of Poland and cultural enrichment sessions.

In an effort to provide families with a culturally enriching experience, we formed this community folk dance group, centrally located and open to all ages from pre-school to senior citizen. Those who do not wish to perform do not have to and can still be part of Harmony family and learn the dances and traditions! We currently have some of the most highly trained Polish folk dance choreographers in the Buffalo area. Among our ensemble members are multiple families spanning several generations.

In addition to dance, we have cultural lessons including folklore, holiday traditions, regional customs, crafts, history and simple language games and songs. The group takes part in public performances and appearances throughout the year, dressed in traditional folk wear from various regions of Poland. The group is proud to display the rich diversity of costumes worn throughout Poland!

We encourage all those interested in the heritage of Poland to join. No dance experience is necessary, and members need not dance to participate. You do not need to be of Polish descent to join! We welcome everyone!

Our biggest challenge is costumes. If you have any costume pieces from any region of Poland, our group would gladly welcome your donation! Please open your hearts (and your attics) and let those costume pieces live!


November, 2006 The seven Founders formed Harmony Polish Folk Ensemble and searched for a central place to meet for friendship, fellowship, dancing, and cultural activities.

January, 2007Harmony Polish Folk Ensemble was finally named, and found a home – St. Gualbert’s/Kolbe School in Cheektowaga – and welcomed new members, young and old. The Founders danced (and sang) their first performance as Harmony Polish Folk Ensemble!

February, 2007Harmony quickly grew to over 60 members!

  • Polish Falcons Installation Dinner
  • Polish Union of America – Installation Dinner
  • Zabawa Maskowa
  • Dyngus Day Buffalo Parade
  • Dyngus Day at Lily of the Valley
  • Williamstowne Apartments
  • Corpus Christi Church
  • Central Terminal
  • Dyngus Week at Albright-Knox Art Gallery
  • St. Gregory’s Church
  • Bowmansville Fire Hall
  • Charter School for Applied Technologies
  • Fantasy Island Dance Showcase
  • Polish Heritage Festival
  • International Children’s Festival, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada
  • Cheektowaga 4th of July Parade
  • Williamsville Old Home Days
  • Cheektowaga Polish-American Arts Festival
  • Pulaski Parade
  • North Tonawanda Knights of Columbus (Madonna Council)
  • Roswell Park Cancer Institute (Waldemar Kaminski/Polish Heritage Day)
  • Grand Island Knights of Columbus (Mary Star of the Sea Council)
  • Polish Falcons – Installation Dinner
  • D’Youville International Night
  • Lederhosen Ski Club Banquet
  • Central Terminal Dyngus Day
  • Williamstown Community Center
  • Albright Knox Art Gallery
  • Union East Elementary School Diversity Day
  • St. Gabriel Church – Elma
  • Dyngus Day Buffalo Parade
  • Bowmansville Fire Hall
  • Polish Heritage Festival 2007
  • St. Gualbert’s Church Dinner
  • Fantasy Island – Dance Showcase
  • Tapestry Buffalo – Old Home Week at Central Terminal
  • Cheektowaga July 4th Parade
  • Pulaski Day Parade
  • Caneadea Fall Festival
  • Toy Fest – East Aurora, NY
  • Polish Arts Club